UPDATED – B2B Direct Mail and COVID-19: Best practices and FAQs for uncertain times

Like most industries today – direct mail has been impacted amidst the COVID-19 breakout. We’ve spoken to our customers and fellow B2B marketers about how they are being affected and what they have been seeing come from direct mail during these times.   The reality for 2021 Even in a remote working ecosystem, relationships with […]

Zendesk’s Empathetic Approach in 2020 with Christine Beury

We turned to our customers during this time to learn more about the market, and in doing so spoke with Christine Beury, who started her new role at Zendesk three weeks before the pandemic sent everyone to working-from-home. We were in awe to learn that just this past October the company crossed a billion-dollar annual revenue run rate. In […]

Maggie Tonkin on Why B2B Direct Mail Works and Why She Chose to become an Outgage Advisor

It’s with great pleasure that we introduce Outgage’s Marketing Advisor – Maggie Tonkin. Maggie is a Senior Marketing Manager at Pendo.io. Previously Maggie was the Senior Manager of Wrike’s Integrate Campaigns, and before that she was the Senior Regional Marketing Manager at Zendesk.  She is a results-oriented marketing expert with over a decade of marketing experience in […]

Trendy B2B Direct Mail Campaign Ideas You DON’T Want To Do

“Don’t follow trends, start trends.” These wise words from award-winning film director Frank Capra don’t only apply to the movie industry – it’s also a powerful message for marketers today. You want to find the right way to stand out, so it’s easy to be enticed by the articles out there telling you what the […]

Creativity and Emotion Win in Integrated Marketing: Marketing campaigns that prove highly creative integrated marketing is king

This is the decade of creativity and integration, and we’ve got the stats to prove it. According to The Drum, creatively-awarded campaigns are 27% more effective, and “creative quality” determines 75% of ad impact. On the topic of combination, marketing campaigns that use multiple channels in their efforts are more successful than those that focus on one channel […]

Getting Personal with Lynn Montemayor: Building connections with audiences and clients pre, present, and post-pandemic while keeping an eye on the future of targeting through TV and digital

A personal touch that understands a brand’s voice and delivers that message to the audience is crucial for businesses. In catching up with Lynn Montemayor, Partner and Chief Marketing Officer at fortysix/5, we quickly learned that with the team at fortysix/5, small businesses don’t have to choose between marketing that works and a helping hand that […]

How to Amplify Omnichannel Marketing Strategy with Gifting Campaigns

Audiences are not as impressionable as they used to be. With the number of resources out there and an increasingly educated consumer base, your target audience is more likely to be doing their research before deciding on your service than not. But just like Jessica Day trying to get a date at a wedding, you […]

What to Look for In a Direct Mail and Gifting Partner to Build a Meaningful Experience

Gifting is powerful – there is no other marketing channel that offers that personalized and human touch that comes from a creative gift package. But the process of building out a great campaign that gets results while maintaining consistent and thoughtful branding can be intimidating – so get someone who will do the work with and for you. Finding […]