Is Your Brand Working For You? Three Tips for Great Landing Pages

You spend countless hours creating a brand that is unique, memorable, and reflective of your business or organization. You want it to be consistent across all platforms, so your customers know what to expect when they visit the website, follow your social media account, or contact your chat support. So how can you be sure that your branding is working for you?

This is a question we ask ourselves regularly at Outgage. Every now and again, the time feels right for a brand tune-up. So we recently launched a new look and feel for our website, one that is more in line with our brand today, allowing us to shine while providing our site visitors and customers a smooth, intuitive and accessible experience.

Having been there, done that just recently. here’s three tips we recommend if you’re looking to upgrade your landing pages so your brand can shine:


#1. Refresh your message

In order to effectively rebrand your webpage look and feel, it’s critical to establish the message you want to impart. Start by revisiting your target audience. Who are they? What are their pain points? What trends have emerged in their market or niche that need to be addressed? Has your business shifted its product or service to meet new challenges that customers are now facing? If so, how? Do you have new stats or success stories that could inspire potential customers?

All these questions and more should be considered as you refresh your message and craft an updated story that will drive emotion and generate engagement. Once you’ve decided on your message, this will also lay the seed for the best layout and design for the page.


#2. Make sure your value proposition is clear (but be creative too!)

Want to take your audience relationship to the next level? Make sure to communicate the value you provide in a clear, tangible and understandable way. We’ve got a lot of experience with this at Outgage, because we are constantly crafting landing pages for our customers’ business gifting campaigns. When we help design these landing pages, we have to strike a balance between showing the audience the potential benefits of the product, and engaging them in unique, memorable and creative ways.

On the one hand, make sure your value to the customer is clear. On the other hand, think of ways to stir curiosity and excitement. Don’t just provide a laundry list of features and benefits. Make your brand sing!


#3. Be consistent, everywhere

Throughout all your marketing initiatives, whether it be a landing page, social ad, or gifting campaign, make sure the message is consistent, both in its essence and creative visual design. In fact, consistent brand presentation has been shown to increase revenue by around 30%.

It helps to think of your campaigns as a workflow, or journey. Map them out as a flowchart, either by hand or with digital tools like Miro. The workflow should include every touchpoint across the campaign in which you have an interaction with your audience.

If you are clear about your message (see #2), it will be easier to stay consistent with every communication. Having a brand book can help with this – it doesn’t have to be extensive, but it can be very useful to have all your brand’s visual and copy guidelines written down as a reference, particularly if you are working across teams or outsourcing your marketing campaigns.


Remember, people process feelings much faster than thoughts.

According to behavioral research, emotion is 24x more persuasive than rational thought. That’s why we put a lot of focus on emotion during our website rebranding process. What do we want people to feel about Outgage? What emotions and associations are we trying to stir? Ask yourselves these questions, follow our recommendations, and your brand will be working for you, generating positive and persuasive feelings among customers every time they land on your webpages.

Upgrade your landing pages so your brand can shine

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