These Cookies Were So Much ‘Batter’: Learnings from a Direct Gifting Experience

There’s no better way to get a message across than with a story, right?

And have we’ve got a story for you, all about direct mail, corporate gifting, and how a personalized experience was the beginning of a beautiful relationship between Outgage and business advisor Lauren Pica.

Without giving away the plotline, suffice to say that Lauren’s own experience with Outgage opened her eyes to the engagement potential of direct mail and gifting when it is personalized, original and creative.

Check out the story for the 4 learnings Lauren took away from her experience, and some (sweet!) ingredients that can help you create awesome gifting campaigns for your B2B marketing strategy:



As marketers, you get a lot of packages. A book about how to become the best CMO. A package of a doll you can bang against your table. A lot of trash, most of which isn’t memorable.

One time, I had a memorable experience. Personalized package, personalized pamphlet, personalized web experience and a jar of cookies … but the jar was locked and to unlock it, I had to take a meeting. But candidly, I was so impressed with how personalized and memorable the experience was, especially for the cookie monster of a human that I am, that I went for it.

Lo and behold, I met Mika, the CEO and founder of Outgage. I fangirled her, unfortunately, I didn’t have the budget, but I promised that I would remember her. I even kept the cookie jar on my table.

Though I did share some feedback. The cookies sucked. I couldn’t even get rid of them in a shared kitchen of a tech company. (Sorry Mika) Being able to share that feedback with her, a stranger I didn’t know – changed our relationship. She changed her cookie vendor for the best.

Fast forward a few years later, I have a budget. I ran a campaign with Outgage and it performed phenomenally well. And fast forward a little more time, I became an advisor for Outgage.

There are a few learnings here:

One, always personalized a gifting experience or direct mail experience or really any experience that you’re gonna have with a partner or a future partner

Two, it goes a really long way to give feedback and get feedback, and then implement that feedback.

Three, a little honesty goes a really long way. Even if it’s as simple as a cookie.

And four, as a coach once told me, never be afraid to be bold, whatever that means for you.

All these years later, Mika finally sent me the new cookies … much better.


How to really grab your audience’s attention

A gifting campaign is more than just a great gift. It needs to excite the audience, and pique their curiosity. Engage their senses, then they have a compelling reason to start their journey with you as a customer. Personalization and creativity go a long way to achieving this, and great tasting cookies? Well, they don’t hurt either!


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never be afraid to be bold

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