What to Look for In a Direct Mail and Gifting Partner to Build a Meaningful Experience

Gifting is powerful – there is no other marketing channel that offers that personalized and human touch that comes from a creative gift package. But the process of building out a great campaign that gets results while maintaining consistent and thoughtful branding can be intimidating – so get someone who will do the work with and for you.

Finding a great Direct Mail and gifting partner can be difficult. You want to make sure that whoever you work with knows how to reach and entice your target audience while maintaining your brand’s unique voice and style. They should also know what to NOT do in a campaign, but more importantly what they should be doing to really make your brand stand out.

We’ve put together a list of everything you should look for in a vendor so there’s one less list you have to make.


What to look for in a partner

Someone who understands your brand and audience

Direct Mail is the perfect channel for fishing with spears, not nets. Your vendor should understand your target audience, what your idea of a good conversion is, and how to attract good prospects. It’s important to convey your message and describe your users to your Direct Mail partner so that they can help you build a campaign that works for your unique audience and goals. You should really spend time looking for a partner who cares about what your brand sells and values.


Look for a partner who works within your marketing channels

A successful Direct Mail campaign isn’t just about the gifting part (even though that’s the most fun!) – it includes a holistic approach. You should make sure that all parts of your campaign are strong, including your email marketing especially if you’re utilizing an address collection landing page. A good vendor will act as a partner and be able to help you add Direct Mail into your current marketing efforts to build a better experience for you and a more effective campaign for getting conversions.


Make sure they have optimization and measurement capabilities

The key to a successful campaign, for any channel, is testing. Be sure that the vendor you go with has measurement capabilities and the option to A/B test and optimize as you go. Having solid numbers to look at can help you see where you’re campaigns went well and where they can be improved.


Someone who saves you time and energy on the (not-so) small stuff

Some blog posts about Direct Mail will tell you that obsessing over the small details of your campaign is a waste of time – but we’re here to tell you that it’s the most important aspect, and finding a partner who will do it for you will save so much time and sanity.

Crafting a well-thought-out, highly targeted Direct Mail campaign takes some time if you want to see the best results. We are all about creating experiences for your prospects (and for you!), and a truly well-rounded experience requires time and effort in planning and execution.


Find a creative partner who gets your brand

Highly creative campaigns are on average about 12 times more effective than “normal” campaigns, according to an article from Good Rebels. A true partner should be able to help you choose a gift that will resonate with your message and do the work to design the gift, the package, landing pages, and postcards to your brand’s style.



  • Choose a Direct Mail and gifting vendor who gets you. Especially if you’ve never done a Direct Mail campaign before, you need to choose a vendor who understands your brand and wants to help your message come forward strongly.
  • Make sure your vendor is a creative partner, not just a supplier. If you want to just send a gift, Amazon is the perfect direction – but if you want to create a truly meaningful experience, choose a partner that understands your direction and can take it to the next level.


Partner with Outgage

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Finding a great Direct Mail and gifting partner can be difficult. You want to make sure that whoever you work with knows how to reach and entice your target audience while maintaining your brand's unique voice and style.

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